"What makes a man Mr. Lebowski?" is a question that stretches beyond any grip of time.  In 1998, according to Mr. Lebowski, being prepared to do the right thing no matter the cost is what makes a man.  To The Dude, it is a pair of testicles…  1,000 years ago what made a man was poor hygiene and good hunting skills.  Today, in skateboarding, it is a willingness to stretch oneself to support those that support you… and a pair of testicles

    Caliber Truck Co is hands-down doing it right for all skateboarders, whether they know it or not.  Why you say?  Not only are they providing a high quality product at an affordable price (a pillar of capitalistic glory) but they are supporting a great team, directly supporting large skate communities and the whole wide world of wiggleboarding in the process. 

    Allow me to diverge a moment

            - - - - - when we buy a product from a company, we are voting with our funky dollar bill.  When we vote for some companies, our dollar is destined for greatness.  A further explanation of radness: some businesses use this dollar vote on R&D, some on travel for the team, some on the new office, some reinvest directly in the community, some spend it on hookers and blow.  While all of these are good investments, few companies choose to fulfill all of them and most make a wise move of focusing on something with a high yielding return———

And we’re back from brain train derailment…  The cats of Skate House Media have put in TONNES of work to lay a phenomenal foundation for this new explosion in skateboarding.  This growth has facilitated the correlated boom for many companies and new dimensions within the art form.  As a way of saying thanks, Caliber Truck Co covered the costs for Doug E Fresh and other Sunset Sliders to turn a supremely sublime dream into a reality!  This effort, to make something awesome to support those that have helped make skateboarding strong, is what shows how our dollar votes count and how far it can go in the right hands.

  A special thanks to Brandon at Caliber Truck Co for choosing to use resources for a radical ramp - helping to keep skateboarding kick-ass and moving forward.  Thanks also to Sir Doug E. Fresh, Sunset Sliders chief engineer, for being brilliant and sturdy through the construction of skatehousemedia’s marvelous Macro-mega-mini-ramp.  Also, all the skatehouse locals that put in work in the sun, sweating and smelling rude, deserve a solid clap.  MVP awards to B.Peck for flying out from the East Coast to put in work building and shredding and Tai Nakayama for chopping wood like a beaver eater all the live long day! 

   Get some! Learn how to use tools and be alright with making mistakes to learn along the way! 


*P.S. Thanks to Merle Haggard for being old-school rad…


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